Goal 6: Ensure Access to Water and Sanitation for All

Goal 6 Recap:

July 2020 was Iron Viz month! We were really excited that despite the draw of this incredible competition, there was still a lot of participation in #TheSDGVizProject, and some people even used this project as their Iron Viz entry. Altogether we had 10 submissions, 3 of which were from brand new participants, and 5 of which were from people who have participated in every single month so far!  Thank you so much for your continued Support!!

Here are all of this month’s submissions.  Please click on a thumbnail below to view the viz on Tableau Public, or view them in our Viz Gallery

July Submissions:




What We Learned:

This is what we learned about people’s access to clean water and sanitation around the world;

  • Worldwide, nearly 800 million people lack access to any drinking water services
  • Over 4 billion people, including 70% of the African population, lack access to safely managed sanitation services
  • Over 2 billion people are affected by water stress, with nearly 1 in 3 countries reporting high or medium levels of stress
  • Nearly 900 million people, or about 9% of the world’s population still practice open defalcation
  • 80% of the world’s wastewater flows into waterways untreated
  • Unsafe water kills nearly 800,000 people per year
  • In rural areas around the world, only about half of the population (53%) has access to safe water
  • The world has lost 70% of its natural wetlands over the last century
  • Sub-Saharan Africa receives the most assistance related to safe water and sanitation, but more is still needed

How can we contribute to improving Access to Clean Water and Sanitation?

The best way that we can help increase access to water and sanitation around the world is to donate to organizations that are already working towards this goal. See below for some organizations that need your support.

As always, if you need any help finding a charitable organizations that is right for you, please feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you for another great month, and keep an eye on our blog for the August Goal Announcement!

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